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Forklift speed alarm, standardize the work from my start

Why should I use a forklift speed alarm? What are the benefits to the user of using a forklift speed alarm?

With the development of modern industry, production efficiency, production safety and product quality are everything for the development of an enterprise, and these three aspects are mutually restricting and promoting each other. Forklift, as the most important logistics and transportation tool in today's modern industrial production, always restricts the operation of other departments because it often travels in the places with big flow of people in the factory. How to supervise the safe operation of forklift, which is a kind of transportation tool in the factory, has become a worry for many enterprise management.

The forklift speed alarm developed and produced by Vantage Safety is designed based on this situation. It adopts wireless speed sensing technology independently developed by our company, intuitive digital display, three-stage speed detection, corresponding to the three-stage alarm mechanism, and can provide high-fidelity voice alarm.

The function of the forklift speed alarm is.

1.When the forklift is traveling at a speed exceeding the preset level 1, the alarm will alert the forklift driver with a warning light flashing.

2. When the forklift driver travels at a speed exceeding the preset level 2, the alarm will alert the forklift driver with the sound of alarm + flashing light.

3. When the driver travels at a speed exceeding the preset level 3, the alarm will alert the forklift driver by flashing light + audible alarm. If mechanical/electronic throttle controller is installed, the forklift will be forced to limit the speed until the speed drops below the preset speed, and then the alarm sound will be contacted.

The installation of Vantage Safety's forklift speed alarm can effectively reduce the safety accidents caused by the forklift driving too fast, reduce the hidden danger on safety, and can effectively improve the forklift driver's work efficiency and awareness of safety production, non-forklift drivers can determine whether the forklift is driving too fast through the warning light and alarm horn of the speed limiter.

Our forklift speed alarm is applicable to different brands of forklifts: TCM, HeLi, Komatsu, Hangzhou forklift, Toyota forklift and so on.

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