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Why is the forklift warning light warning?

Forklift warning lights, we literally understand the warning lights installed on the car. At present, national traffic regulations allow the installation of warning lights on special vehicles to serve as safety warnings.

Forklift warning lights

What are the characteristics of car warning lights:

Forklift warning lights: The switch is generally controlled by the cigarette lighter.

Ordinary vehicle warning lights, only the warning lights flicker, no sound.

What is the difference between Waytronic’s Forklift warning lights and the ones on the market? There are 4 types of lighting options for Waytronic’s Forklift warning lights , and 10 built-in sounds can be selected for playback. What’s more amazing is that the voice can be customized. What customers want Voice can do anything.

Forklift warning lights

SF-901 series vehicle warning light is a new generation of intelligent warning light developed by Waytronic Safety Technology Co., Ltd. It not only has four working modes of strobe, strobe, rotation, and always on, but also can carry a variety of warning sounds. And voice prompts, the products are widely used in engineering vehicles, machinery, machine tools, electric power, telecommunications towers, ports and terminals, transportation, wind power, chemical, railway and other electrical equipment. Audible and optical alarms can be used to intuitively detect vehicle dangers and equipment failures. Major incidents are manifested, making industrial production more intelligent.

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