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we never stopped growing Forklift collision

One chance, one chance.
In 2011.
Constant demand from foreign customers.
The customer wanted a product with a forklift and a collision avoidance.
Mainly used in a paper company in the United States.
Because there are more workers in the forklift area.
And forklifts are mostly electric forklifts.
No sound when working.
So it will happen that the forklift is driving.
Encountered some blind spots.
Such as intersections, L-shaped intersections, T-shaped intersections, entrances and exits, storage shelf import and export.
Staff who can hit the blind spot.
The staff will also not be able to see the route the forklift is driving and cannot hear the sound of the forklift driving
Collision with each other, safety accident.
In this way, we have the seed of the "Forklift collision avoidance warning system".

Forklift anti-collision warning system

Concentrated research, common witness.
year 2013.
Concentrated on research, came out in two years.
We are full of passion, common expectation, common witness and common welcome.
"Forklift collision warning system".
Its birth has made countless plant areas.
For the safety protection between forklifts, people, objects, and goods.
Adding an extra guarantee for our grassroots working people.
Safety is our priority, and we can only work in a safe work environment.
We are constantly improving.
Seeking more security products.
Because we do n’t want to stop there, we need to move forward.
To this end, we continue to develop.
"Visual collision avoidance" "Physical collision avoidance".
The working principle of "Forklift Anti-collision Warning System":

Forklift anti-collision warning system uses femtosecond ranging technology. It consists of three parts, the host part (induction part), the tag part (transmitting signal device), and the sound and light alarm device. Generally, the host is installed on the forklift, and the tag is placed on the person. The audible and visual alarm device is also installed on the forklift. When the forklift approaches the personnel, the audible and visual alarm is issued to remind the driver and personnel to pay attention to the safety of the forklift. The distance between the personnel and the forklift can be set by remote control, and the distance between 1-100 meters can be set The accuracy can reach 10cm. The anti-collision warning system of forklifts is used for warehouse forklifts, warehouse forklifts, and factory forklift collision avoidance is one of the better solutions at present.

Forklift anti-collision warning system

Never grew up, never stopped.
After seven years.
"Forklift anti-collision warning system".
Not only in the world's top 500 enterprises such as "Huawei", "Haier", "Gree", "Jingdong", "Amazon".
And also recognized and thanked by our most simple workers.
Our greatest happiness is not how hot the product is.
But protection that really brings value and security to them.
This is the original intention of our safe people.
No matter how far we go.
Can't forget the way we came.
Application Cases of "Forklift Anti-collision Warning System":
1. Zhuhai Gree Logistics Co., Ltd.
2.Fulfilment by Amazon.
3. China Chuliang Cereals and Oils Co., Ltd.
4.Huawei Co., Ltd.

Forklift anti-collision warning system

Seven years "Waytronic Security".
Brilliance and energy, a look of youth in the first century.
The great cause of "security".
Only by staying true to one's heart can youth last forever!

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